Guided by the Winds. Destined to fight the darkness. 

When the battlefield of Vanas claims soldiers' lives with a vicious thirst that does not discriminate between commoners and royals, Maer Lakrius returns to the Kingdom of Emberya, bearing the news of his brother's death. 

The Crown Prince's death. 

A title that now belongs to him. 

Unknowingly, the young prince's fate becomes entwined with that of a woman--an 18-year-old mercenary with a past she would rather forget, and struggles eerily similar to Maer's own. But with the content lying between them, will the ethereal forces of the Winds bring them together in time, or will the coiling tendrils of destruction rip their reality apart first? 

The first title in the epic fantasy trilogy that will take you deep into the world of courts, secrets, love, and long-forgotten magic.

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